Five Ways To Say “I Ruff You!”

Portrait of a woman with her beautiful dog lying outdoors

The relationships we hold with our pets are one of the biggest examples of unconditional love. We can think of endless reasons why a dog makes the best date on Valentine’s Day — but you don’t need us to tell you that! Instead, we are here to show you some great gift ideas to give to your four legged, furry friend! Nothing says I LOVE YOU more than ZippyPaws Valentine’s Day toys for your little cuddle bug!


I’m bugging for you!

Everyone loves ladybugs because they bring good luck and happiness wherever they go! So you can imagine the delight your dog will find in our Ladybug toy series for Valentine’s Day! Our Slipper Nest comes with three matching squeaky critters that will engage your dog for hours. For some increased squeakable fun, go for our Colossal Buddy that includes our Colossal squeaker for super loud play time! And don’t forget to check out our Squeakie Pad Ladybug, which is square shaped, making it easy for dogs of all sizes to carry and includes two blaster squeakers! Your dog will bug out over these toys for sure!


I love you more than I can bear!

We really don’t think it can get much cuter than our Valentine’s Hearts ‘n Bears Burrow toy! It is simply un-bear-able! We created a lovable toy for your dog that comes with three squeaky pink bears that fit so perfectly within a large heart. The perfect way to say “you have my heart!”


You’re the beary best!

Nothings says “I love you beary much” like a cuddly, playful, squeakable dog toy in the shape of a bear! Our Colossal Buddie Bear will shout your affection from the roof top with our super loud Colossal squeaker hidden inside! For a double dose of un-bear-able cuteness, you can also find our Valentine’s Brainey Bear in Love! This adorable critter has 1 blaster squeaker and little limbs for fun tugging time!


Donut you know how much I love you!?

Sweets for the sweetheart! Since you can’t share a real dessert, share our Donutz toy instead! Our Strawberry Donutz have embroidered “sprinkles” that make them look like a real delicious donut but without those extra calories. 😉 This yummy treat includes our one-of-a-kind crescent squeakers and rattles to make playtime full of surprises!


Have a little pizza my heart!

Steal a pizza your pet’s heart with our all-time favorite, Pizza Squeakie Emojiz toy! Just like donuts, pizza is good any day of the year but especially yummy during Valentine’s Day. This fun emoticon toy includes 2 round squeakers and comes stuffed! Your pet will love you to pieces with their special slice of pizza from ZippyPaws!


Remember paw parents, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. Our pets spend every day loving us in their own special way. Now it’s our turn to show our appreciation by celebrating this day with our fur babies in our own special human way! To all our four legged friends and their awesome paw-rents, we here at ZippyPaws would like to wish everyone a very special happy Valentine’s Day!

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