Tis is the season of feasting and gathering!! While you’re planning and preparing for the festivities, also keep in mind how your dogs will react to situations and all that delicious food. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help your canines feel at ease during this busy season.



We think we know the drill, but when you see those puppy eyes staring back at you, it’s hard to not give little Thanksgiving treats to your pet. We want the best for our dog, but let’s face some serious facts — turkey drippings, skin, and gravy can cause pancreatitis. Turkey bones are dangerous to the intestines, and chocolate, along with other holiday foods, are toxic. The list can go on and on, and if you’re not sure, stick to dog food. You both will rest easy knowing you did the right thing.

Puppy Eating


Can you imagine all the leftover scraps that are dumped into your trash by the end of the night?! Most importantly, can you imagine how delicious that must smell to a dog?! When you are not looking, your furry friend might try to get his/her paws on that irresistible scent. We suggest moving the kitchen garbage to a place you know your dog can’t get to, and of course taking it outside at the end of the night so there’s no midnight snack attacks.


got toys?

Holiday season is here where loved ones gather and dog toys scatter! Toys are a great way to keep your pooch distracted while you prepare for evenings like Thanksgiving — and of course there will be gatherings to follow all the way until the New Year! We certainly don’t want you tripping over your lovely pet while you hold a platter of amazing food! Dogs love new toys and old ones too but here at ZippyPaws, you can find a wide variety to choose from. Anything loud, crunchy, and bright will be the ticket!


table manners

Dogs are family but remember, they’re not human. Remind your guests to not feed your pet. Best bet, feed your dog a hearty meal before guests arrive. Something you know they’ll love! Get your fur buddy nice and full before the show starts. At the end of the feast, pick up all plates and table ware and don’t forget to cover up those leftovers! Just like the trash can, the table, and any open containers, can be easily accessible!


tagged and flagged

Image the background music or television on, visitors arriving, lots of laughter and loud conversations, people walking all over the place, and then there is your dog. Your dog is in the middle of all this commotion and doesn’t know what to do with himself/herself. Door opens for a second and there he/she goes! Out for some fresh air and independence! Make sure your pup has his/her collar on for the day with all your updated contact information. Accidents happen so best to be prepared, just in case!


diy festive Doggie treats

Well, since you can’t feed your dog all the delicious turkey treats, how about making them something just for being a special friend that they can feel included in the festivities? Best part, these are the same recipes you use for dinner! This is a drooly delicious one!

2/3 cup deboned, skinned, unseasoned cooked chicken, shredded
2 eggs, lightly beaten (no milk)
1/4 cup diced cooked carrots
1/4 cup cooked mashed pumpkin
1/4 cup cooked diced green beans

Combine all ingredients in an oven-safe casserole dish that has been greased with a bit of olive oil. Microwave for 3 minutes or until eggs are set, or bake at 350°F for 10 minutes. Cool thoroughly, invert casserole dish onto a plate, and present with pride to your pup!

_MG_7119 (1)

DOGGIE getaway

As much as some of us need to escape from the hectic day, dogs need it just as much. Your dog will be very thankful if he can escape to his safe place and you will be relaxed knowing he’s safe and sound, behind a closed door. Find a quiet bedroom and stock up the space with your dog’s food, water, their favorite bed and of course toys! (Featured ZippyPaws toy – Burrows for distraction).



After all has been eaten and devoured, shop our BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!! This is our biggest sale of the year!! Use the coupon code “THANKSGIVING” to receive 25% off your entire order, free shipping on orders over $10, as well as a FREE PILE O’ POO SQUEAKIE EMOJIZ TOY as a thank you!

The sale starts Friday, November 25th and ends Monday, November 28th at 11:59PM PST.

Wishing you all a happy and festive Thanksgiving from your friends here at ZippyPaws!

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