Howl-o-ween Safety Tips For Dogs


Halloween can be a festive and fun time for children and families. But for pets? Let’s face it, it can be a downright nightmare. Dogs can have a tough time adjusting to the unfamiliar faces and spooky noises.  Keep your Halloween fun and festive and forgo the stress and dangers this year with these easy tips.



For every door that opens with those little hands reaching inside that candy bowl, is a drooling trickster waiting for a little piece of heaven to drop. Dogs can be very sneaky! So be careful where that candy bowl sits and how it is handled throughout the night. Chocolate, especially dark, is considered poisonous for pups. Just best to keep ALL candies away and out of reach or you may be having to reach for a vet bill. However, we do have something that might help, it’s not candy but we do offer Donutz as a sweet alternative. ZippyPaws Donutz with embroidered “sprinkles” and toppings make them look delicious, just like candy…but without the sugar guilt and calories! 😉



Humans get a kick out of all the creative decorations and we thrive on getting spooked. However, dogs can be a different scenario. If you plan to decorate, it is best to keep any wires or cords out of sight, also keeping a close eye on your dog to ensures no material are ingested. The ghostly, high pitch screeches, and crazy strobe lights might agitate your poor pup and cause them to rebel ending in a teething, torn up, really scary, mess.



To begin a day of Halloween preparation, take your dog out for a while before the festivities begin. That way, when the trick-or-treaters start coming around, your pet won’t be so amped up with anxiety.  A great way to release some of their daily energy is taking them out for a long walk before the trick-or-treaters run out. ZippyPaws Climber Leashes will be perfect for your quick doggie date. They come in both 4 and 6 feet and have been tested to withstand over two tons of weight,  in case your pup might be sensing some pre-Halloween excitement.


Scooby doo got scared too!

We bet you have an amazing costume ready to go or at least planning for something awesome! But hold on, did your dog approve of your decision? Before showing off your creative costume skills, show it to your dog first. With everything else going on for Halloween, you wouldn’t want to add to the chaos by walking in the room and accidently giving your pet a scare of its dog years! So yes, best to let your pup warm up to the different, scarier side of you.



If you are too concerned about how the night might turn out, we suggest to surround your pet with their favorite toys and treats to keep them occupied, possibly behind a closed door, for safety assurance. ZippyPaws can help you out, our new Zippy Pumpkin with Bats Burrow hold three mini bats that squeak, guaranteed to keep them investigating until they figure out how to get those little critters out. Not to mention, a great way to celebrate the season! As an owner, shopping for your dog and trying out all the new toys with them, this might just be the coolest part of the Halloween season! Check out our holiday variety here!



There is a lot of commotion as well as unfamiliar objects and faces that might make your dog anxious. The idea of your dog escaping might happen so having the proper identification will save you from a world of panic. Make sure the information is up to date and you have all your necessary contact information handy. Know who the emergency contacts are at your nearest shelters and veterinarians. It helps to be prepared for anything.

Our goal is to make sure you and your best fur-friend have a safe and fun Halloween. Remember, your pet will go along with whatever you are doing with no real idea of what’s to come. Easing them into your Halloween plans and making sure you are prepared for any situation will ensure you and your furry friend are having fun!

We wish you all a safe and fun Howlloween!

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