10 Things to Do With Your Dog on Memorial Day!

Memorial Day weekend is coming up, which means extra time for you to spend with your pup! If you are planning to celebrate this national holiday with your pet, here are some helpful tips on how to have a good time and be safe together!

1.) The BeachProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

The beach is always a popular vacation spot! The sand, the water, and the beautiful sunshine is an amazing combination! However, safety in the water is a big priority for us dog lovers. Don’t spend another minute worried about the possible dangers with the ZippyPaws Life Jacket! Our jacket will keep your dog safe in or around the water and reflective stripes keep your dog visible while in the water. The jackets come in sizes XXS to XL with built-in padded handles for easy assistance when needed. Your friendly buddy will love you to pieces for caring so much about their safety.

2). CampingDog Camping

What about going camping for the weekend and bringing your pooch? We do have to remember that midnight potty breaks can happen and it can become pretty dark with just the stars above us. Our LED Light-Up Safety Vests are great for situations like this. The vest will keep your dog visible and has configuring flashing or steady lights that only require 2 AA batteries. They come in sizes small, medium and large. This will allow you to keep a focus on your pet while they do their business.

3). HikingIMG_0205

Who loves a great walk more than you do? Your pet sure does! But what we don’t like is carrying heavy equipment. ZippyPaws makes it easy to hike with the Adventure Bowl. The ZippyPaws Adventure Bowl is a portable bowl that holds either food or water. The bowl folds neatly to fit in your pocket and is waterproof to avoid drying time. This great accessory comes in colors of forest green, desert red and volcano black. Once you get your hands on these, you will never leave home with one again!

4). Home Sweet HomeDog Tricks

For some, Memorial Day is about staying home with your loved ones and relaxing. How about spending time teaching your dog new tricks in the backyard? Our Adventure Treat Bags are perfect for training sessions like these. Much like the Adventure Bowls, they are also foldable and have a drawstring closure to keep the treats fresh. The belt loop and clip help keep your hands free so you can focus on interacting with your dog.

5). RunZippyPawsLeashPhotosBC-5

Are you and your dog morning runners before the sunrise? Why not take a brisk morning jog? ZippyPaws Climbers Rope Leashes are perfect for your active pet. Just in case there is a runaway squirrel so tempting to chase after, our Climbers Leash can withstand almost two tons of pressure for those strict stops before the run turns into a sprint! We carry both 4 and 6 feet with colors ranging from black, blue, red, yellow, green, pink and purple. We also offer heavy duty Bull Snap leashes for those extra strong dogs that try to outsmart us humans!

6). BarbequeGeronimo_ColorBlock-425

The park can become an all-day fun filled event which is always a good time! But we all are aware of how hot the weather can get and unfortunately our friendly pets do not have the luxury of removing any layers of warmth. That is why we created the ZippyPaws Cooling Vest. These vests have long-lasting polymer crystals that activate when soaked in cool water and slowly evaporate cool air for hours. We designed the cooling vest to come in a lightweight material to eliminate any extra bulk and weight.

7). ExploreJEN_9285-2 copy

Exploring different recreations nearby that you normally wouldn’t get the chance to do is a great opportunity on Memorial Day! The ZippyPaws Adventure Backpack is designed for carrying water, food and other essentials for days like this. These backpacks have evenly distributed pockets for loading weighted items and has breathable fabric to keep dogs cool while strapped to back. This way, you can hold onto your pet while they hold onto their gear!

8). SocializeDog Squad

Dogs need social time too and dog parks are the perfect place for this! Find a local dog park for your friendly pet to meet new buddies on this lovely holiday! Don’t forget though, that some parks do not supply waste bags but ZippyPaws can help you out. Our Leash Bag Dispensers hold 1 roll of waste bags and the dispenser attaches to most leashes by Velcro straps. These handy poop savers are low profile and come in cool colors like forest green and hibiscus pink!

9). SwimmingDog-In-Swimming-Pool-Wearing-Sunglasses-Images

The ZippyPaws Life Jacket is great for swimming lessons. Holster up your dog while they do the doggie paddle and adjust to their own strength and courage! After, you can pride their hard work with a treat using our adventure treat bag that have kept those yummy snacks fresh while you both had fun in the water!

10).  Shopping, of course!MemorialDayGif

Saving the best for last! Pick out your pet’s favorite active wear gear and colors by shopping our Memorial Day sale!! We have all your outdoor accessory needs to get you more in the mood for an active fun filled weekend. From now until Monday, May 30th, we are offering 20% off your entire order, with free shipping over $10, with the promo code “MEMORIALDAY” at checkout. Happy shopping and we wish you all a fun and safe long weekend!!



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