New Year Resolutions for You and Your Dogs


Most New Year’s resolutions center on self-improvement, but have you ever thought about a resolution to improve the relationship between you and your dog?


We’re not saying you need to invest a significant amount of money or time with your dog. It might be as simple as spending a few extra minutes of alone time with your furry four-legged friend, or maybe taking them out to enjoy a nice treat (like frozen yogurt!) on a weekly basis.

Some other ideas may be regular grooming appointments throughout the year, a trip to the beach when the weather gets hot, providing healthier diet options, or giving them a toy (ZippyPaws of course! 😉 ) every now and then. Whatever it may be, we’re sure your dog(s) will appreciate the extra attention. Because, after all, our dogs love us unconditionally — whether we’re having good or bad days.


Wishing you all a happy and joyous New Year! Now, it’s time to put on our party hats and live up the rest of 2015. 😉

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