Photo Tips & Photojojo Giveaway!

Want to learn how to take paw-some photos of your dogs? Read the tips below, check out the lovely dog models, and then enter yourself in Photojojo’s #dogsofinstagram Giveaway.

#1 PROPS: Pups may be the cutest thing to photograph, but throw some props in and your photo just went from cute to ZOMGAH ADORABLE! Want to know what the best props are? We’ll let you in on the secret…it’s ZippyPaws toys! 😉

I mean just look at this cutie. He’s got it going on FOR SURE! “Mom, am I doing this right?!” — image via thedappernapper

#2 NATURAL LIGHTING: Nothing is worse than getting the perfect picture with horrible lighting. Non-attractive lighting can ruin everything. Dark photos turn out more blurry, grainy, and pretty much unappealing to the eye. Look for big windows when taking photos indoors. If you’re going outside, the best time to take photos is around sunrise or sunset. The afternoon light can be a little too harsh and may wash out photos.

Doesn’t this beautiful photo make you want to be at the lake with this cutie patootie sipping on some lemonade and enjoying the sun rays on our faces?! — image via thegoldenfinn

#3 TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS: Sometimes the best photos are candids. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get that one-time, posed photo that you’ve been picturing in your head, but don’t be disappointed if you don’t! Dogs are active and energetic, and it may be hard for them to keep still for a long period of time. Instead, take lots and lots of photos! We’re sure out of the 100 photos you took, there’s at least one that’s bound to be a good one!

“Oh! You were taking a photo?! I just wanted to eat some crab…” — image via williecute

#4 BACKDROPS: The main focus in your picture should be the subject you’re photographing. The backdrop of the photo should add to that, not take away. Try to take photos against a clean background – it doesn’t necessarily have to be white, but it shouldn’t distract viewers from what you want them to focus on. Bright colored backgrounds are great! The right use of patterns, colors and dogs make the PAW-fect photo! 😉

Counting sheep didn’t help me go to sleep…how about we try chasing some sheep instead? — image via moneal

Now it’s time to turn YOUR dog into a star!!


Wanna turn your pup into an IG persona? Enter the Photojojo #dogsofinstagram Giveaway here.

Win more than $350 worth of goodies including the new Photojojo Polaroid Cube+ action camera and plenty of toys and treats to coax some grins from your dog. All the tools you need to kickstart your wagalicious photos from@zippypaws, @shopdog, @evermorepetfood and@photojojo too.


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