Weekend LA Adventures


The weekend is all about outdoor adventures! Last weekend we got to explore the City of Angles with our new friend, Chelseatheterrier, and our favorite shiba duo, Dareochu. We planned an exciting day for us and our pups and hit the streets bright and early on Saturday at 8 am! (Eek! Where were our Donutz when we needed them?!)


Our first planned stop was Griffith Park, but of course Mother Nature was not on our side and it started raining! So instead, we drove to the Arts District in Downtown LA to do an urban hike instead. Good thing we brought our Mountain Climbers Leashes! 😉

The day was too beautiful, we just had to get pictures of the dogs with the scenic LA views. We took pictures around the Arts District, including the 6th Street Bridge, and stopped for coffee at Blue Bottle (if you’re hip and trendy, you’ll know where this popular place is!)


Since the rain rained on our party (literally) our day was all spontaneous planning. All we knew was that we had the beautiful views of the city and three gorgeous models, so why not make it into a fun photoshoot? 😉


Chelsea was absolutely adorable and a natural-born model! She was very calm and not scared of heights at all! I mean just look at this photo!


She was a little shy at first (Dara and Leo have high energy so it was a bit intimidating to her at first), but she soon warmed up to them towards the end of our photoshoot.


Not only is she the perfect ZP model, but she’s now a fan of our leashes and toys! 🙂

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