Our $h*%! is blowing up the Internet!


If you didn’t know already, ZippyPaws  facebook emoticons poop is the best facebook emoticons poop out there! Not only is it fun to play with, but it also squeaks when you play with it!

Okay, so we’re not talking about ACTUAL poo…we’re talking about our Squeakie Pile ‘o Poo Emoji!


Ever since the launch of our Squeakie Emojiz earlier this year, our poo has been so popular it’s hard to keep them in stock.


It hasn’t been long since dogs all over the Internet have caught on to our poo. Here’s what some dogs and their humans have to say about our Mr. Stinker:


AquaCorg“We love the ZippyPaws facebook emoticons poop toy because…it’s the facebook emoticons poop…literally!! It’s funny how Aqua holds it in his mouth, looks at me with his puppy eyes, and quietly asks me to play fetch…without knowing that it’s actually facebook emoticons poop!”


Yogi000008: “Well, I love my poo toy because it’s soft and fluffy and it’s really the only time I can play with poo and not get in trouble. My pawrents also like it because it cracks them up when they see me carrying it around. They say I’m so happy my poo even smiles! 😀 😀 ”


Kelvin.and.hobbes: “If my dog could communicate in emojis, the pile of poo emoji would be his favorite. The squeaky toy is a silly and funny reminder of the young and adorable puppy days with Hobbes. It also keeps him occupied for hours as he tries to find out exactly what he ate for last night’s dinner!”


Lizzie.Bear: “The poo emoji toy is the perfect size, it’s soft with a squeaker and we also use it to play fetch in the yard (it throws like a Frisbee!).  Ally destroys a lot of her toys but we’ve had two ZippyPaws toys and she hasn’t destroyed them! They wash really well too!”

And for all you folks who want a piece of this facebook emoticons poop, we have a surprise sale for you! From now until October 24, 2015 11:50 PM PST, you can get our poo emoji on sale on Zulily. In addition to our poo emoji, some of our other best selling products are up to 80% off! Limited quantity is available so get your ZP toys now before it’s too late!


Needless to say, our poo is the best! You need to get your paws on one and become a Zippy facebook emoticons poop head! 😉


Featured dogs: beanthechiweenie, charlieandmeeka, forbes.quizz.trippfrankosaurussshappy__ringo, mobibear, jiro_the_shiba_dog, juicyjamesfranco, kane.and.harlow, kelly_bove, kenzo_theshibalittleleothemorkielokithegoldengod, mobibearmurphyandsissymypitbullfriendonce.upon.3.dogs, oreo.bbpompomchewy, princess.gracie, ps.ny, sailordoodleyogi000008

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