Who’s On Your Leash?


FROM THE EXPERTS AT ZIPPYPAWS is a series of blog posts written by ZippyPaws employees.

By: Mark Watkins, Sales Representative at ZippyPaws

What characteristics do you think of when you consider a leash for your big canine baby?

I can think of some words that would most likely come to mind.  If you have a large dog, perhaps heavy duty, dependability, durability and strength.  These are all no doubt relevant when it comes to a leash for your big friend.

But let’s face it, you want to step out in style too.  So many leash manufacturers are adding colors and designs to catch the eye.

Now more than ever, there are choices available that satisfy all of these requirements and desires.


In particular, consider mountain climbing rope leashes.  Yes, these are made of the same life-saving and ultra-durable rope that adventurers rely upon to catch them when they dangle off steep cliffs. These leashes can withstand incredible amounts of tension, more than enough to control even the strongest and most active brutes. Make sure to look for heavy duty bull snaps for the strongest of breeds!

Another added benefit of mountain climbing rope leashes, assuming you choose the right one, is that they’re difficult to gnaw through, largely because of the 2/3” thickness and strong and tight fibers.

The widths actually range for some manufacturers, with narrower leashes available for smaller pups, and thicker leashes for larger dogs.  You can even choose slip leads if that suits you.


Keep in mind the feel of the leash in your hand too.  Not all leashes are alike in this regard, and I’ve found that some just seem to be more comfortable in my hand, while also enabling me to maintain good control of my pup.

As I mentioned above, you don’t have to sacrifice style either.  You might not always be running your pooch through the backwoods or up mountain trails where few others tread.  For urban or suburban outings, you’ll find these leashes in an array of colors that range from ordinary to more dazzling.


When you find that perfect leash, don’t be surprised to find yourself wanting to go on more outdoor adventures with your pup. I truly believe that when you find the right leash for your dog, it leads to more outings, which means a healthier and more active lifestyle for your pup.

So weigh the many options and make your choice carefully.  You’ll enjoy the security and peace of mind that these leashes offer.

For some, you may want to consider, follow this link: https://zippypaws.com/leash.html

Most of all, go out there and have a great adventure with your furry friend!

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