Smooches and Pooches from PoochPerks!



Pooch Perks is a new pet subscription box you should be keeping your eyes on! There are many characteristics that set it apart from other pet subscription companies. With Pooch Perks, you can expect full size toys, and treats, with sample-sized products thrown in as a bonus (not part of the actual value of the box). In addition to the extra free goodies, Pooch Perks only sources treats from all natural treats providers that are Made in the USA.

This month’s PawPack includes our aquarium-themed hide and seek burrow and dolphin bottle crusherz.

We’ve gotten such great feedback from customers raving how much they love our toys we just had to share with you some happy dogs with our toys! Take a look at these pups who are giving our toys two paws up! 😉


Dogs featured: cooper_the_chocolate, life_with_charlie, pittiesandpics, blueeyeskye, ameliathebordercollie, sweet_sundance, colin_puppy, jerseybordercollies, thepeckingorder

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