Indestructible Plush Dog Toys: Myth or Truth?


FROM THE EXPERTS AT ZIPPYPAWS is a series of blog posts written by ZippyPaws employees.

By: Mark Watkins, Sales Representative at ZippyPaws

Psst…we’ll let you in on a little industry secret of the plush dog toy category- there is simply no such thing as an indestructible plush dog toy.  Frankly, for some dogs, even ‘durable’ is somewhat of a stretch.

Seriously, how many of you out there have a sweet little ball of fur who can totally shred any toy you put in front of him or her?

This destructive ability doesn’t seem to be restricted to particular breeds or even the size of canines.

Can your teacup Chihuahua Brutus annihilate virtually any toy he wishes?  For sure!

How about your imposing bull mastiff Fifi?  Absolutely!

I’ve seen and heard about the tiniest little pups ferociously annihilating ‘durable’ toys with relative ease. And there are huge brutes who lovingly coddle their toys for years.

Labeling plush dog toys as ‘indestructible’ generally only leads to disappointment, as well as rightful complaints and returns by discouraged buyers.


Oftentimes, the desire to destroy comes down to various characteristics of the toy. My miniature schnauzer, Jake is very kind to his toys, and almost never rips them apart. However, he does occasionally shred my daughter’s stuffed animals.  Many pups love to rip out the shredding that’s in toys….Solution?  Buy them one of the many non-stuffed toys that now populate the market.

Look closely at the stitching of any toys you might consider.  Many toys that look and feel really tough because of the material from which they’re made, are in fact not all that tough, simply because of the placement and type of stitching used.  Other companies double-stitch their toys, or put the stitching where it isn’t easily accessible to eager canine teeth.

Also, some toys are made with an inside layer of tough material, which provides additional reinforcement, and results in a longer lasting toy.  The point is, durable fabric doesn’t always result in a more durable toy.  It’s often more a result of the stitching and the overall design of the toy.

There’s another point to be made- as I alluded to above, dogs who seem to love and enjoy certain toys will usually decide not to destroy them.  I’ve heard of so many instances of dogs picking a favorite, which might not be the most durable toy in the world, and treating it with tender love and care for many years.


You might also wonder about the squeakers that are found inside many of toys. These differ widely from company to company, both in terms of squeaker types, and in quality. Some are difficult to even hear in the first place, but others can take some good chewing and keep right on squeaking audibly.  Certain squeakers will continue to squeak even after being punctured, which is a positive benefit for many consumers and their playful pups.  

So yes, dog toy manufacturers can take measures to improve the quality and durability of their plush toys, but it often does come down to other factors that might not seem apparent just by the look and feel of the toy.  I highly recommend, as responsible dog toy manufacturers do, that you always supervise the play of your dogs with any toy, and ensure that the wear and tear won’t lead to any health risks for your furry friend.

Then go out there and have a great time together!

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