Lilly’s Day Event


If you’re in the Illinois area and are looking for high quality dog products, then you have to check out the Lilly’s Day event happening at Wet Nose, located at 150 Commons Drive, Geneva, IL 60134, on Saturday, August 29th from 10 am-8 pm.

Shiela Spitza, owner and founder of Wet Nose started the store because of her 13-year-old Labrador mix named Lilly. Lilly was suffering from luxating patella (a condition where the knee cap slip in and out of place) that could only be corrected with surgery. Shiela sought advice from a veterinarian and a surgeon and they both determined surgery would be the only way to help Lilly get better. Lilly’s luxating patella was congenital, which meant that she was born with it and there was nothing else Shiela could do.

Shiela decided to do the surgery in hopes that Lilly would get better. Unfortunately, the surgery did not help Lilly’s patella condition Her limping started to worsen and her pain didn’t stop. Lilly didn’t start to get better until her dog sitter told Shiela about raw food diets. In Shiela’s eyes another surgery was not an option. After studying books on raw food diets and consulting with a holistic veterinarian and chiropractor, Shiela started to put Lily on a raw food diet.


The concept behind Lilly’s recovery was very simple: reduce inflammation in the knee, tighten the tendons that hold the kneecap in place and, strengthen the muscles around the knee to keep everything tight. Inflammation is exacerbated by grain, so the raw food was perfect being that it was grain free; we also eliminated all grain based treats from her diet. Lilly also took supplements such as Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM to help build joint cartilage, joint fluid and reduce inflammation.

As Lilly’s knee progressively got better, so did her allergies. She lost her old, dull coat and grew in the most beautiful, silky fur that Shiela had never seen. Shiela didn’t realize how unhealthy she was until I saw how healthy she had become. She seemed happier.

That’s when the idea of Wet Nose hit her. Shiela her husband how upsetting it was to know that she had blindly followed the vet’s advice in the past. “If I was made aware of these “alternative” options, I’m sure that I would have explored them,” said Spitza. “So I gave him a cold beer, sat him down and said, “Do you know how many pets we could help if we opened up a store?” I know there are devoted people out there like me that would do anything for their pets…that want nothing but the best for them. I wanted to help enhance those relationships.”

And that was how Wet Nose was born.


Now every year Shiela and her husband hold Lilly’s Day to remember their sweet girl Lilly and to show the community their appreciation over the support they’ve had for the last 13 years.

During Lilly’s Day, EVERYTHING (and yes, they mean everything) will be on sale, The Bryan & Amanda Bickell Foundation will be there to find loving owners for sheltered pit bulls, customers will automatically be entered to win a $500 airline gift card, and the first 100 people that visit Lilly’s Day will receive a swag-bag filled with goodies valued over $400. And who knows, you might find some ZippyPaws gear inside those swag bags! 🙂

We believe in healthy and active lifestyles for dogs. That’s our reasoning behind every product we make at ZippyPaws. When Shiela reached out to us for a donation we immediately said yes! If you’re one of the lucky first 100 customers, you’ll receive one of our large squeaky buddiez inside your swag bag! 😉

If you stop by Wet Nose please tell Shiela the ZippyPaws team says hi and we’re rooting for Lilly!

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