Pet Business Company Spotlight


ZippyPaws Featured in Pet Business Magazine

The past few months at ZippyPaws have been hectic but worth all the craziness! We recently launched our new adventure gear line, attended our second Global and SuperZoo Convention (and showcased some newly designed dog toys), moved to a bigger building, and are already planning for the holiday season! Since we started ZippyPaws in 2011, our company has consistently grown 300% year-over-year.

As a small business, that’s grown exceedingly quickly, it was such an honor to find out Pet Business wanted to do a company spotlight on us. Pet Business really helped put ZippyPaws on the map as a major dog product manufacturer in the pet industry.

“Because of the attention we got from this company spotlight, we are the exciting new brand that everyone is talking about!,” Vice President of ZippyPaws, Jennifer Cao said. “It’s been rewarding to see our hard work pay off. It motivates me to create even better products since people are now recognizing our brand and the unique toys we design.”

Read the article to learn about how ZippyPaws started and where we’re headed next!

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