National Dog Day

Celebrating National Dog Day!!

Nothing wins over a heart like a man’s best friend. National Dog Appreciation Day represents a special cause, not only for dogs but for the owners as well.

“It’s a day to be grateful for all the wonderful things dogs bring into our lives … the unconditional love, the companionship,” says National Dog Day founder, Colleen Paige.

How You Can Celebrate National Dog Day
With our 7 tips and ideas, you can show your deepest appreciation for these remarkable animals:



Dogs love us unconditionally. They can forgive, forget and love us again even after we have been through some rough times. Reciprocating that affection could be a simple scratch behind the ears, check or neck. Belly rubs can be quite favored as well. How about some quality time watching TV? Invite your pup to sit with you and lay their head on your lap, cuddles are the best. It’s the small things that build a big bond.

cupcake_03 (2)


Make it epic! Send out dog invites, make treats for all the fur friends, play dress up, and send your guests home with a good bag of ZippyPaws toys — of course! Our Donutz are colorful and irresistible, which make the perfect take home treat! They also come in mini size too! Everyone will be able to squeak their treats all day long and your pup is guaranteed to make lots of friends! A great way to allow socializing while enhancing a playful and positive environment.

@RockeRanch & ZippyPaws-42


You hardly need another excuse to go shopping, but take National Dog Day to pick up a few new toys for your dog. Dogs can be rough on their toys, and tattered toys pose a risk to your dog’s health. Make a habit of tossing the old toys and replacing with a new batch of intriguing toys each National Dog Day.

ZippyPaws offers a great line of tough toys, such as the Monkey RopeTugz. The extra tough mountain climbing rope can withstand hours of tugging and play! This will also help build a stronger bond, not to mention, exert all their energy for a great night’s sleep!

Nothing shows appreciation more than toys where you both can play together!



A smart puppy is a happy puppy. Break free from the daily routine and try teaching your dog a new trick each week! Giving positive reinforcements along the way build confidence and trust and will help you, as the pet parent, build patience along the way. A great way to achieve this is by giving rewards. Try different treats to see which is their favorite!

Brody-Peanut-Butter-Doggie-Bones (2)

5. make a tasty treat:

A way to a dog’s heart is their stomach!

We have a famous, super simple but doggylicious recipe you can try! Contains only four ingredients and a blender. Mix 4 cups yogurt (flavored or plain, non-fat if needed) ½ cup creamy peanut butter, 2 tablespoons honey, and 1 ripe banana (mashed). Blend together and freeze! Since dogs cool down with their tongue, this will surely cheer them up while the weather is still hot — plus it’s super tasty!

corgis running

6. Get Outside

Dogs love the outdoors! Spend an afternoon enjoying the great outdoors together with a hike, long walk or head to a nearby beach and let your pup cool off with a swim Bring along some of your favorite ZippyPaws toys for a game off fetch in the water. Make sure to bring plenty of water and treats to reward good behavior!

Has your pup never learned how to swim? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Find everything you might need with our Adventure Gear, from life jackets to cooling vests and treat bags!




It’s okay if you don’t own a dog, you can still participate in the festivities and show your appreciation in other ways. Honor National Dog Day by giving $5 to your local shelter. Many shelters and rescue groups also list needed items, such as blankets and toys, on their websites. Every little bit helps.


giveaway large


We want to celebrate National Dog Day with all of our dog lovers! From now until Sunday, August 28th you have the chance to win a whole box of Zippy goodies for your furry best friend!

The rules are simple:
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3. Tag 2 friends in the comments below of the Instagram photo

You’re officially entered! We will announce the winner some time next week!


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10 Things to Do With Your Dog on Memorial Day!

Memorial Day weekend is coming up, which means extra time for you to spend with your pup! If you are planning to celebrate this national holiday with your pet, here are some helpful tips on how to have a good time and be safe together!

1.) The BeachProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

The beach is always a popular vacation spot! The sand, the water, and the beautiful sunshine is an amazing combination! However, safety in the water is a big priority for us dog lovers. Don’t spend another minute worried about the possible dangers with the ZippyPaws Life Jacket! Our jacket will keep your dog safe in or around the water and reflective stripes keep your dog visible while in the water. The jackets come in sizes XXS to XL with built-in padded handles for easy assistance when needed. Your friendly buddy will love you to pieces for caring so much about their safety.

2). CampingDog Camping

What about going camping for the weekend and bringing your pooch? We do have to remember that midnight potty breaks can happen and it can become pretty dark with just the stars above us. Our LED Light-Up Safety Vests are great for situations like this. The vest will keep your dog visible and has configuring flashing or steady lights that only require 2 AA batteries. They come in sizes small, medium and large. This will allow you to keep a focus on your pet while they do their business.

3). HikingIMG_0205

Who loves a great walk more than you do? Your pet sure does! But what we don’t like is carrying heavy equipment. ZippyPaws makes it easy to hike with the Adventure Bowl. The ZippyPaws Adventure Bowl is a portable bowl that holds either food or water. The bowl folds neatly to fit in your pocket and is waterproof to avoid drying time. This great accessory comes in colors of forest green, desert red and volcano black. Once you get your hands on these, you will never leave home with one again!

4). Home Sweet HomeDog Tricks

For some, Memorial Day is about staying home with your loved ones and relaxing. How about spending time teaching your dog new tricks in the backyard? Our Adventure Treat Bags are perfect for training sessions like these. Much like the Adventure Bowls, they are also foldable and have a drawstring closure to keep the treats fresh. The belt loop and clip help keep your hands free so you can focus on interacting with your dog.

5). RunZippyPawsLeashPhotosBC-5

Are you and your dog morning runners before the sunrise? Why not take a brisk morning jog? ZippyPaws Climbers Rope Leashes are perfect for your active pet. Just in case there is a runaway squirrel so tempting to chase after, our Climbers Leash can withstand almost two tons of pressure for those strict stops before the run turns into a sprint! We carry both 4 and 6 feet with colors ranging from black, blue, red, yellow, green, pink and purple. We also offer heavy duty Bull Snap leashes for those extra strong dogs that try to outsmart us humans!

6). BarbequeGeronimo_ColorBlock-425

The park can become an all-day fun filled event which is always a good time! But we all are aware of how hot the weather can get and unfortunately our friendly pets do not have the luxury of removing any layers of warmth. That is why we created the ZippyPaws Cooling Vest. These vests have long-lasting polymer crystals that activate when soaked in cool water and slowly evaporate cool air for hours. We designed the cooling vest to come in a lightweight material to eliminate any extra bulk and weight.

7). ExploreJEN_9285-2 copy

Exploring different recreations nearby that you normally wouldn’t get the chance to do is a great opportunity on Memorial Day! The ZippyPaws Adventure Backpack is designed for carrying water, food and other essentials for days like this. These backpacks have evenly distributed pockets for loading weighted items and has breathable fabric to keep dogs cool while strapped to back. This way, you can hold onto your pet while they hold onto their gear!

8). SocializeDog Squad

Dogs need social time too and dog parks are the perfect place for this! Find a local dog park for your friendly pet to meet new buddies on this lovely holiday! Don’t forget though, that some parks do not supply waste bags but ZippyPaws can help you out. Our Leash Bag Dispensers hold 1 roll of waste bags and the dispenser attaches to most leashes by Velcro straps. These handy poop savers are low profile and come in cool colors like forest green and hibiscus pink!

9). SwimmingDog-In-Swimming-Pool-Wearing-Sunglasses-Images

The ZippyPaws Life Jacket is great for swimming lessons. Holster up your dog while they do the doggie paddle and adjust to their own strength and courage! After, you can pride their hard work with a treat using our adventure treat bag that have kept those yummy snacks fresh while you both had fun in the water!

10).  Shopping, of course!MemorialDayGif

Saving the best for last! Pick out your pet’s favorite active wear gear and colors by shopping our Memorial Day sale!! We have all your outdoor accessory needs to get you more in the mood for an active fun filled weekend. From now until Monday, May 30th, we are offering 20% off your entire order, with free shipping over $10, with the promo code “MEMORIALDAY” at checkout. Happy shopping and we wish you all a fun and safe long weekend!!




New Year Resolutions for You and Your Dogs


Most New Year’s resolutions center on self-improvement, but have you ever thought about a resolution to improve the relationship between you and your dog?


We’re not saying you need to invest a significant amount of money or time with your dog. It might be as simple as spending a few extra minutes of alone time with your furry four-legged friend, or maybe taking them out to enjoy a nice treat (like frozen yogurt!) on a weekly basis.

Some other ideas may be regular grooming appointments throughout the year, a trip to the beach when the weather gets hot, providing healthier diet options, or giving them a toy (ZippyPaws of course!😉 ) every now and then. Whatever it may be, we’re sure your dog(s) will appreciate the extra attention. Because, after all, our dogs love us unconditionally — whether we’re having good or bad days.


Wishing you all a happy and joyous New Year! Now, it’s time to put on our party hats and live up the rest of 2015.😉


Merry Christmas from ZippyPaws!


It has been a year filled with accomplishments, growth, and success here at ZippyPaws, and we thank you for being part of our journey. We would not be where we are today without the support from all our wonderful customers, supporters, and distributors.

We constantly strive to provide high-quality products for the modern dog. Because of our outside-of-the-box thinking, we are able to say our toys were named best plush toys two years in a row.


We thank you for being a part of another great year – we couldn’t do what we do without your support. So from the bottom of our hearts, know that we are grateful and appreciate you being a part of our ZippyPaws family. From all of us here at ZippyPaws, we wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas & a joyous New Year!


Featured dogs: bentley.andthegirls, mayaussiedoodle


ZippyPaws Holiday Gift Guide


Still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet? Luckily for all you last-minute shoppers, we’ve rounded up the best dog toys for your pups. We have everything from the best toys for chewers, to the best toys for new born puppies.

P.S. We advise you to read til the end of the article for a nice Monday surprise.😉

1.) Best Toys for Puppiesmoneal

The search for the perfect puppy toy just ended thanks to ZippyPaws Miniz. Zippy Miniz are very small, single squeaker toys that are the perfect size for puppies. The unique size and shape make it easy for small mouths to play with.

The best thing about Miniz is that they come in a pack of three, so when your pup has had too much fun with one, there are two more to spare. Miniz come in 19 different characters (including pandas, hedgehogs, sharks, crabs, monkeys, bunnies) so your pup has an endless amount of options to choose from. Miniz range from $7.99 to $9.99. These critters are the perfect toy for even the littlest of paws—and mouths—to squeak all day long!

2.) Best Toys for Seniorssugarthescottie

ZippyPaws specializes in several different types of squeakers. As dogs get older they tend to be less active and appreciate their toys more. We’ve created Grunterz with large (older) dogs in mind. Grunterz are large plush toys that “grunt” when pressed. Each Grunterz is stuffed and has a loud grunting noisemaker inside.

Grunterz don’t make the same high-pitched noise as a squeaker, they’re easy to carry, and are great for senior dogs to cuddle with! Not to mention, they’re fluffy!

ZippyPaws Grunterz are sea-themed, which means you can have a piece of summer all year long. The three characters include: Alvin the Alligator, Oscar the Octopus, and Finn the Fish. Grunterz vary from $12.99-$15.99

3.) Best Toys for Biters & Chewerskelly_bove

Introducing a new way to squeak! Jigglerz are made with ZippyPaws exclusive noisemakers that squeak when shaken! Added crinkle paper inside head and tail makes them even more fun for dogs. Each toy is lined with an extra layer of tough Cordura material and cross-stitched for durability.

Double the layers for double the fun and double the destruction time! The cross stitching acts as a barrier so dogs can’t tear apart the toy as easily. There are eight different Jiggler characters and retails for $9.99 each.

4.) Best Interactive Toys_MG_7119 (1)

Hide ‘n Seek Burrows
Test your dog’s coordination skills with ZippyPaws interactive hide-and-seek puzzle Burrows! Each set comes with a “den” and three squeaky critters. Dog owners love interactive puzzle plush toys because they stimulate dogs’ mental and coordination skills.

Dogs love to bury their noses in the Zippy Burrow to dig out the critters. They’ll be begging you to put them back in the Burrow again and again for hours of fun! With over 20 varieties to choose from, ZippyPaws offers the widest selection of hide-and-seek Burrow toys on the market. New characters will be added to the line in 2016!

Burrows range from $12.99 – $25.99.

5.) Most Trendiest ToyEmojiz-original

Squeakie Emojiz
Now your dog can be tech-savvy as well! With our Squeakie Emojiz, your dogs can speak the universal emoji language.😉 Our line of Squeakie Emojiz are fun and quirky squeaky plush toys for the modern dog. We can’t keep these characters in stock for long before selling out!

  • Pizza Slice
  • Speak-No-Evil Monkey
  • Angry Face Emoji
  • Pile ‘o Poo Emoji
  • Tongue Out Emoji
  • Heart Eyes Emoji

They make the paw-fect stocking stuffers, and once your dog gets tired of playing, they make the best little pillows!😉 Squeakie Emojiz retails for $6.99 each.


DONUTS…need we say more? These no-stuffing toys are irresistible to both hoomans and dogs! Wherever dogs bite, Donutz will squeak back, giving dogs a squeakin’ fun treat. Donutz come in two specialized holiday flavors: cherry and mint chip, and three fan favorites: blueberry, chocolate, and strawberry.

Donutz retails for $7.99 each.


To help you get in the shopping mood, we’re offering 20% off all orders that are placed by Wednesday, December 16th at 11:59 PM PST. Use the code “GIFTGUIDE” at checkout and you’ll receive 20% off, including free shipping on orders over $10. Enjoy!🙂

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ZippyPaws Wins Best Plush Dog Toy Award

Adobe Photoshop PDF

The pet industry has been changing and evolving at a very fast pace. Companies are constantly revealing new product lines, and company mergers are commonplace.   Toy manufacturers are becoming more innovative than ever!  And according to American Pet Products Association, pet-related spending among U.S. consumers has more than doubled over the past 15 years.  It’s expected to surpass $60 billion in 2015!  Needless to say, if you want to be a top dog in this market, then your products and your company have to stand out.

Having just started in 2011, ZippyPaws was not yet a common name. But that quickly changed in a few short years. In 2014, ZippyPaws received the award for the best plush dog toy in the industry from Pet Business Magazine for our Jigglerz. This was a HUGE honor! Our one-of-a-kind Jiggler squeaker is what makes our Jigglerz stand out in a sea of dog toys. When shaken from side to side, Jigglerz create a jiggling, squeaking noise. No other manufacturer has been able to imitate our exclusively designed-squeaker, which we’ve done while maintaining high quality with low prices.

IRA winner

Year after year, pet product manufacturers have continued to raise the bar on what it takes to provide consumers the best of the best in dog products. Every year Pet Business compiles a list to honor some of the pet industry’s best manufacturers, and most ground-breaking products, with its Industry Recognition Awards.

We’re proud to say that for the second year in a row, ZippyPaws has been honored with the  BEST PLUSH DOG TOY of the year award!


This year, our Squeakie Emojiz is what captured the judges attention. According to Pet Business, “The Squeakie Emojiz line is perfect for today’s Internet-obsessed pet owners. It comprises stuffed toys in the shape of seven of the most popular emoticons. Each toy features two round squeakers that make them as engaging to pets as they are to humans.

Thank you Pet Business for awarding us two years in a row. What an honor it is to have our toys named the best in the ENTIRE pet toy industry! We were up against big competitors, but our 💩 was what blew up the Internet and created the most buzz! 😝

A special thank you to all of our supporters, followers, and customers! We’re who we are because of you.🙂

AND BECAUSE WE WANT TO SAY THANK YOU…we are offering 20% off all our Squeakie Emojiz from now until Wednesday, December 9, 2015 11:59 PM PST. NO CODE NECESSARY!! AND ENJOY FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS $10!!


Hurry because our 💩 goes pretty fast!😉


Black Friday Sale


Now that you’re all stuffed and filled from the endless Thanksgiving feasting, it’s time to focus on shopping. (After all, this will be the only form of cardio we’ll be getting all weekend…let’s be real!) But if you’re like us and hate dealing with the long lines and crowded stores, we just made your life ten times easier.

For the first time EVER, we will be having a Black Friday sale on our entire site — NO RESTRICTIONS! Holy 💩,  you better schedule a reminder because this is our biggest sale yet!

Starting Friday, November 27th at 12 am (PST) until Monday, November 30th at 11:59 pm (PST), use the code “THANKSGIVING” to receive 25% off your entire purchase. All orders over $10 will automatically qualify for free shipping.


With these never-before-seen prices, we’ve made shopping for your dog loving friends as easy as falling in love with our adorable toys! We know you’ve been eyeing some toys for a while now and this is your excuse to make some four-legged furry friends very happy.🙂

Happy shopping!!


Thanksgiving Do’s & Don’ts for Dogs


It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving is only a few days away, and that means an abundance of delicious food. However, before you sneak your four-legged canine a handful of holiday foods, make sure to know what is harmless and harmful to your dog. Many food items that people enjoy aren’t healthy for pets to consume. Let’s start with what your dogs can safely indulge in this Thanksgiving holiday.

Note: All of these items should only be given to your dog in small quantities, especially if you don’t regularly supplement their diet with these foods; an influx of unfamiliar items can upset your dog’s stomach.

  1. Turkey

The obvious choice. Turkey is a great lean protein that your dog can enjoy in small doses. It’s best to give them skinless meat to cut down on the grease, as well as meat that isn’t drenched in juices — also be sure to check thoroughly for bones! Turkey bones are one of the worst things your dogs can eat, but we’ll get to that later.

2. Potatoes

While sweet potatoes (not yams) are preferred for their high fiber and beta carotene content, as well as being stocked with Vitamins C & B6, dogs can enjoy both sweet and regular potatoes. If mashed potatoes is your choice of complex carbs for your pup, make sure the batch isn’t made with any cream, butter, garlic, or other seasonings. Butter and milk can cause diarrhea in pets that experience lactose intolerance. Additionally, some recipes call for onion powder or garlic, which are very toxic to pets. And steer clear of the gravy!

Make Sweet Potato Dog Treats
Here’s a recipe for homemade sweet potato chews. Delicious and safe treats for your dogs!

3. Green Beans

If your dog enjoys vegetables, green beans are an awesome, healthy treat. Pups can’t indulge in the heavy, creamy casseroles but plain green beans are packed with nutritional goodness — score!

4. Apples

An apple a day would be a little excessive for your dog, but a small serving can be a delicious snack that’s rich in important antioxidants, flavanoids, and dietary fiber. Just don’t give them any apple pie!

5. Pumpkin

Canned natural pumpkin (not pie filling) or cooked fresh pumpkin has numerous health benefits for your dog, which explains why pumpkin is often a top ingredient in high quality kibbles. Pumpkin can help regulate your dog’s digestive and urinary health and substituting pumpkin for a portion of their regular diet can be a healthy way to help your pet lose weight without feeling hungry.

dog-thanksgivingRuxin’s Recipes has created a few recipes that are both safe and yummy dishes for your dogs. (BONUS: her  dishes include three of the safe foods — potatoes, apples, and green beans — on the CAN EAT list!) I’m sure your pup would definitely appreciate a mini Thanksgiving feast of their own.😉

Now that we’ve gone over what you CAN feed your dogs this holiday season, let’s go over what you CAN’T give your dogs. To ensure your pets remain healthy this Thanksgiving, below are six dishes to keep away from your pets.


1. NO Stuffing

Stuffing is often made with onions, scallions or garlic. These ingredients are extremely toxic to dogs and can cause a life-threatening anemia (destruction of the red blood cells). It’s best to avoid feeding any amount of stuffing to pets.

2. NO Ham

Ham and other pork products can cause pancreatitis, upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea. Ham tends to be high in fat as well, which can lead to obesity in pets. Even a small amount of ham can contribute a very large amount of calories in a small dog or cat.

3. NO Turkey Bones

Bones can cause severe indigestion in dogs, potentially causing vomiting and  obstructing the bowel. Bones may also splinter and cause damage to the inside of the stomach and intestines. In some cases, turkey bones may even puncture through the stomach and cause a potentially fatal abdominal infection.


 4. NO Salads with Grapes/Raisins

There are many salads served at Thanksgiving that include grapes or raisins as an ingredient, from fruit salad, to waldorf salad, to ambrosia. However, grapes and raisins are very toxic and potentially deadly. Grapes can cause severe, irreversible and sometimes fatal kidney failure in dogs. Be sure to keep all dishes that include grapes and raisins away from pets.

5. NO Chocolate Pie

While pumpkin pie is the most famous Thanksgiving dessert, many people offer a variety of pies available at Thanksgiving, including chocolate pie. Chocolate is toxic to dogs, yet dogs love the smell and taste of it. The darker the chocolate, the more toxic it is. Keep chocolate pie, and all chocolate desserts for that matter, out of the reach of pets to prevent an emergency trip to the veterinarian.


If your pets ingest any of these foods this Thanksgiving, be sure to call your veterinarian immediately. Early action may prevent more costly and serious complications from developing. Make sure to keep an eye on our dogs during the holiday feasting! So beware of that cute puppy begging face. Set aside the safe food selections for your dogs. Once everyone has stuffed themselves — and then had seconds — it’s time to find a comfy spot on the couch and let the inevitable food coma take over.


Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Nappy!


Photo Tips & Photojojo Giveaway!

Want to learn how to take paw-some photos of your dogs? Read the tips below, check out the lovely dog models, and then enter yourself in Photojojo’s #dogsofinstagram Giveaway.

#1 PROPS: Pups may be the cutest thing to photograph, but throw some props in and your photo just went from cute to ZOMGAH ADORABLE! Want to know what the best props are? We’ll let you in on the secret…it’s ZippyPaws toys!😉

I mean just look at this cutie. He’s got it going on FOR SURE! “Mom, am I doing this right?!” — image via thedappernapper

#2 NATURAL LIGHTING: Nothing is worse than getting the perfect picture with horrible lighting. Non-attractive lighting can ruin everything. Dark photos turn out more blurry, grainy, and pretty much unappealing to the eye. Look for big windows when taking photos indoors. If you’re going outside, the best time to take photos is around sunrise or sunset. The afternoon light can be a little too harsh and may wash out photos.

Doesn’t this beautiful photo make you want to be at the lake with this cutie patootie sipping on some lemonade and enjoying the sun rays on our faces?! — image via thegoldenfinn

#3 TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS: Sometimes the best photos are candids. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get that one-time, posed photo that you’ve been picturing in your head, but don’t be disappointed if you don’t! Dogs are active and energetic, and it may be hard for them to keep still for a long period of time. Instead, take lots and lots of photos! We’re sure out of the 100 photos you took, there’s at least one that’s bound to be a good one!

“Oh! You were taking a photo?! I just wanted to eat some crab…” — image via williecute

#4 BACKDROPS: The main focus in your picture should be the subject you’re photographing. The backdrop of the photo should add to that, not take away. Try to take photos against a clean background – it doesn’t necessarily have to be white, but it shouldn’t distract viewers from what you want them to focus on. Bright colored backgrounds are great! The right use of patterns, colors and dogs make the PAW-fect photo!😉

Counting sheep didn’t help me go to sleep…how about we try chasing some sheep instead? — image via moneal

Now it’s time to turn YOUR dog into a star!!


Wanna turn your pup into an IG persona? Enter the Photojojo #dogsofinstagram Giveaway here.

Win more than $350 worth of goodies including the new Photojojo Polaroid Cube+ action camera and plenty of toys and treats to coax some grins from your dog. All the tools you need to kickstart your wagalicious photos from@zippypaws, @shopdog, @evermorepetfood and@photojojo too.



Weekend LA Adventures


The weekend is all about outdoor adventures! Last weekend we got to explore the City of Angles with our new friend, Chelseatheterrier, and our favorite shiba duo, Dareochu. We planned an exciting day for us and our pups and hit the streets bright and early on Saturday at 8 am! (Eek! Where were our Donutz when we needed them?!)


Our first planned stop was Griffith Park, but of course Mother Nature was not on our side and it started raining! So instead, we drove to the Arts District in Downtown LA to do an urban hike instead. Good thing we brought our Mountain Climbers Leashes!😉

The day was too beautiful, we just had to get pictures of the dogs with the scenic LA views. We took pictures around the Arts District, including the 6th Street Bridge, and stopped for coffee at Blue Bottle (if you’re hip and trendy, you’ll know where this popular place is!)


Since the rain rained on our party (literally) our day was all spontaneous planning. All we knew was that we had the beautiful views of the city and three gorgeous models, so why not make it into a fun photoshoot?😉


Chelsea was absolutely adorable and a natural-born model! She was very calm and not scared of heights at all! I mean just look at this photo!


She was a little shy at first (Dara and Leo have high energy so it was a bit intimidating to her at first), but she soon warmed up to them towards the end of our photoshoot.


Not only is she the perfect ZP model, but she’s now a fan of our leashes and toys!🙂